Become a Clubhouse Mentor!


The Clubhouse Mentorship is a program where we recruit Mentors to guide, to teach, and to build healthy relationships with the talented youth that we have. Mentors will be trained and have the freedom of exploration. 

What clearly defines a Mentor?

A Mentor is a person who has a caring, positive and ongoing relationship with one or more Members within the context of The Clubhouse. All Clubhouse Staff function as Mentors, and sites also rely greatly on Volunteer Mentors. Mentors are typically adults age 18+ years, ideally over the age of 21. This is not to say there cannot be Peer Mentors or Near-Peer Mentors/Alumni Mentors. In fact, most of our Mentors are Clubhouse Alumni. However, Clubhouse Alumni are not considered Mentors as soon as they age out of program. They must go through the application process like all Mentors must.

Mentors, although unpaid, can receive college credit along with any of the resources we have here at The Clubhouse, as well as opportunities for college and/or career growth from our Clubhouse’s own network.

Each Mentor is different, and their tasks depends on the project and the department they are assigned to. Some Mentors work with one participant at a time, others work with a group or switch between participants at any given time. The main goal of a Mentor is to best serve our youth the best way s/he can.

NOTE: Not all volunteers are Clubhouse Mentors. For 20+ only!

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