Some Key Facts about our Contribution to Aiding Our Youth’s future:

  • 3 of our Youth participants have received Scholarships in eSports to attend Robert University.

  • eSport Mentors who built relationships with at-risk youth successfully made an impact of improving their grades to graduate.

  • Our Youth helped build a custom PC that is powerful enough to process high end 3D models.

In the first semester of our Member’s 2017 - 2018 school year, we received these Youth Program Quality scores:

Summer 2018 YPQA Teen Survey Results

  • Our Instructor Preparation: 93.3%

  • Instructor Support: 94.4%

  • Skills Gained by Teens: 93.3%

  • Feelings of Safety: 100%

  • Program Satisfaction: 96.7%

Our YPQA scores are also compared to the national average based on a 1 through 5 overall point scale. Infographic courtesy of Kylie H., one of our Youth members of the Social Media Management team:

asm infograph.jpg

35% of our members are girls and have contributed to our surveys in regards to a safe space in our STEAM focused environment. These scores reflect the emotional safe space where our youth have built social skills by building community, and developed leadership through gaming.