We appreciate the partners that we work with on a constant basis. From video gaming to food provision, check out all of our partners here.

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Best Buy

Best Buy is a close partner of The Clubhouse Network. They are the sponsors for the Clubhouse Teen Summit, and the Best Buy Teen Tech Centers.


Gamestop in Rogers Park

Our Local Gamestop’s General Manager of Store #1568 has volunteered his time to connect with our teens, that have served as patrons for years, by performing workshops to help build their skills in community service, buyers awareness, and the responsibilities of the various job positions of Gamestop Employees.

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Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

“Our Mission is to provide leadership and representation in order to benefit the members operating businesses in the Rogers Park community.

Our Vision is to guide businesses, service organizations, institutions, and individuals to establish new businesses and promote existing businesses within the Rogers Park community. To create and stimulate an orderly economic growth, thereby enriching Rogers Park’s diverse community.”

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A Just Harvest

“A Just Harvest’s mission is to fight poverty and hunger in the Rogers Park and greater Chicago community by providing nutritious meals daily while cultivating community and economic development and organizing across racial, cultural and socioeconomic lines in order to create a more just society. They have graciously provided food for our agency and our Clubhouse specifically for 5 years!”

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Pocket Con

“Pocket Con is a free single day convention for Chicago youth brought to you by a partnership between the Chicago Public Library and LoKari Productions. It focuses on work by artists of color, particularly African American authors and artists, as well as comics with a primary character who is Black. Pocket Con also features work in the comic genre by other underrepresented groups, such as women, Latinos, LGBTQs, and other minorities. We have a strong belief in Indie comics and publishing, and welcome small press and self published authors as well as those involved in related forms of expression and interest, such as webcomics, animation, small-budget film-making, video game design, and zines.

Our mission for this event is primarily to promote literacy using the graphic novel format, reflect on the history of race and gender portrayal in comics and film, and introduce characters, writers and authors who have a different voice than the primarily white, primarily male, primarily straight characters written by generations of comic authors (themselves primarily white, straight, and male). We would also like to empower young writers and artists by introducing them to the collaborative process that is comic creation, and encourage them to produce and submit work of their own for contests at the con.”

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GameChangers provide technology and training to bridge the digital divide, alter outcomes and create life changing experiences through participation in esports.



Low kick brings about community friendly events and tournaments to the Chicago/Midwest fighting game community.

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eSports Nebula

Their goal is to help eSport Players get recruited to the best colleges and teams, and assist colleges and teams to find the best talent and grow their program. They have coordinated with various universities to get donate equipment for our eSports equipment and Cosplay projects.