Our Mission

The Howard Area Clubhouse Program is an innovative program that introduces underprivileged youth to careers in STEAM fields through anime and video games. Our mission is to help teens discover their own potential, interests and creative talents for entrepreneurship and college/career readiness.

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Our Programs

The Howard Area Clubhouse’s goal is to lead youth to the career fields that shape the various industries of eSports, broadcasting, game design, film, and social media by using mediums that they are familiar with. We have a variety of departments that collaborate to put together an online show, live-stream, and advertisements about the Howard Ara Clubhouse Program, as well give updates in eSports news, and video game reviews.


Our Impact

  • 3 of our Youth participants have received Scholarships in eSports to attend Robert University.

  • eSport Mentors who built relationships with underprivileged youth successfully made an impact of improving their grades to graduate.

  • Our Youth helped build a custom PC that is powerful enough to process high end 3D models.

Youth Program Quality Assessment is a tool (YPQA) that is used nationally to measure the quality of After School Programs. In the last 3 years our program has dominated the national average in providing a Safe Environment, Supportive Environment, Interaction, and Engagement.

The results below are based on our first After School Matters semester of 2017-2018.




Our staff qualifications support a positive youth development focus.



Skills Gained by Teens

We tap into youth's interests to build multiple skills.



Overall program satisfaction

Staff availability and longevity support youth-staff relationships.


Howard Area Community Center


OUR HOST ORGANIZATION: the Howard Area Community Center (HACC)

Our Clubhouse is proudly hosted by the Howard Area Community Center! HACC is a social service agency that provides affordable and free education, employment, and health assistance programs for the greater Rogers Park area. Many of HACC’s services are life-sustaining. Individuals and families set their own goals, and HACC is here to lend a helping hand along their journey to success.

HACC is a collaboration between donors, community members, and service providers. This family center is proud to present a wide array of creative and thorough programming.

Check out the Howard Area Community Center site here!

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Our Funders

We owe everything to our wonderful funders who have been supporting us throughout the years. Check out a list of all of our funders for more information on each one!


Our Partners

We appreciate the partners that we work with on a constant basis. From video gaming to food provision, check out all of our partners here.


may 2018

"The Clubhouse helped me mature. It gave me a lot of responsibilities such as being a director [to a movie we produced here], owning a jewelry business, and being a YouTube entertainer. It was a struggle in the beginning because I was shy and to myself. Now I'm more willing to talk to others and communicate better."

Mawusi, 16 (current Member since 2013)



If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Clubhouse, then check us out! Or you can explore our site for more info.


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