Our program based our curriculum on the anime and comic book conventions around Chicago, namely events such as C2E2, ACeN, and Wizard World. The spirit of our Clubhouse embraces geek culture and our passion for digital media to the max. Each department focuses on college and career readiness skills while youth are having fun working with what they are passionate in.

For youth that are ages of 14-17 to get paid, they must apply to our After School Matters program through their website and look for our After School Matters name, Convention Connection 101. From there they will be interviewed by our Clubhouse staff. If they are qualified, they will receive mandatory, unpaid training to get hired and enrolled into our Clubhouse with a paid position. Training for our positions always start before the beginning of each After School Matters session (Spring, Summer, and Fall). Keep in mind that we have limited spots in each of our departments.

Middle schoolers interested in eventually becoming employed with us are free to join and train, although higher priority will go towards high schoolers.

To sign up on After School Matters:

  • Click on the ‘Sign Up’ Button

  • Look for the ‘Apply’ Button on the After School Matters site

  • Click the ‘Click Here to Apply’, then start a new application

  • Be sure to look for Convention Connection 101 located on 1527 W. Morse Ave

For youth under the age of 13 or for those wanting service learning hours instead, please email Terrance at tdavid1@howardarea.org.

All youth of any age must complete an assessment test either at our Clubhouse or through our site by clicking the ‘Take the Test’ button below.

Note: Curriculum is subject to change.


Social Media Management

The Social Media Team are taught the functionalities of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube inside and out. They will learn how to manage all of our social media accounts to attract new members to our program, new mentors to assist with our Clubhouse functions, and other Clubhouses in the world to build our connections to network outside of Chicago. Our Social Media Managers will have improved communication, marketing, and research skills.

Youth will learn:

-Usage of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat for our organization

-Planning and Goal Setting skills

-Marketing and Brand Awareness

-Content Management

-Search Engine Optimization




Members of the Broadcasting Team are producing content for our YouTube and Twitch channels. They will know how to do video editing, research topics of interest, camera setup, understanding time management, and become entertainers in the online space.

Youth will learn:

-Video Editing

-Adobe Premiere

-Adobe After Effects

-Stream Lab OBS



-Knowledge of Anime, Video Games, and Tech


Video Game Design

Youth will learn and overview basics of developing a live video game. They will understand 3D modelling, programming, concept design, testing, and launch of a game from the ground up. Their overall project is to create a game demo that’s playable enough for expansion.

Youth will learn



-Adobe Photoshop



Imagineering Department

Members of this department consist of illustrators and graphic designers that design visual content for the Social Media, Broadcasting, eSports, and Video Game departments (such as flyers, YouTube thumbnails, logos, etc). They will work as a team to create visually pleasing promotional materials using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in a timely manner.

Youth will learn

-Adobe Illustrator

-Adobe Photoshop

-Basic Advertising Strategies


The Clubhouse eSports Initiative

eSports is competitive video gaming in the realm of sports. Colleges are now offering scholarships to recruit the best athletes in specific games. The CeSI is a mission of the Clubhouse to develop our two teams for Rocket League and League of Legends. We’re developing these teams from two aspects: One is from being competitive on the field, and the other consists of team management (i.e. Coaches, Accountants, and Public Relations Officers). Our end goals are 1) be able to compete in the High School Esports Invitational that will take place early this fall 2) to compete against other Clubhouses in the U.S. 3) to become the hub for junior high and high school eSports tournaments and 4) for the Team Managers to get the basic skills for sports management.

Youth will learn and train in

-League of Legends

-Rocket League

-Team Building

-Bracket Running

-Tournament Organizing

-Budgeting of Funds